This page is where I will share with you my discoveries impressions and feelings about Paris. Monthly articles will answer some of the questions you will also come up with.

Paris Beach
Everybody heard of Miami Beach, Malibou Beach or Venice Beach. Time has come that Paris Beach becomes as... famous.
Paris, "City of lights, City of Romance, Paris Gourmet, Paris Glamour, Paris Bohème, Paris Haute Couture, Paris Chic, Paris Choc, Paris Village" turns into... Paris Beach - Paris Plage
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Liberté-Liberty (August 1944-2004)
"Le Tout-Paris" is in the Street

Good morning Virginia !
Good morning Ruth !
Here I am in Paris again !
Alors ! Just in time for the celebration !
What celebration?
The 60th anniversary of the Liberation of Paris. Ceremonies, a show in the open air, the big ball organised at the Bastille, the parades, the dancing on the banks of the river Seine, the giant picnic in the Luxembourg gardens...
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Monsieur Henri Launay and the dolls

I could never have shared with you the story of monsieur Henri Launay and his love for dolls if I hadn't come across the unusual window of his shop and the "personages" who populate it ?

Ancient dolls, naked baby dolls, little lonely heads, gazing blue eyes stare from the window...

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