The following are a few excerpts from my visitors book. I hope that I can make your vacation in Paris as memorable.
Denise, Michael, Particia and John ( England)

Like Saint Denis, we lost our heads in Paris !
A wonderful apartment in the heart of the real Paris, an ideal location to explore the tourist spots, but more importantantly those locations known only to the true Parisienne you are. Your enthusiasm for the city was infectious, and your guidance was invaluable.
Eugen, Veronica and Irene Rusu ( Massachusetts)

Our visit to Paris was great, thanks in a large part to you. We have realized how important it is to have a knowledgeable insider like you to guide us through our trip. First and foremost was the apartment ; cosy, comfortable, clean, well equipped and well located in a less touristy area but at the same time so very close to the main tourist objectives such as Place de Vosges, Bastille, Pere Lachaise. It helped us to sense how it is to live in Paris, not only to pay a visit . We won't forget the joy we had each morning as we stopped in one of the many bakeries in the neighborhood for fresh, delicious croissants and coffee or the joy of going to bed with the image of the glittering Eiffel Tower. If it was only for that and we would have been happy with our choice of staying in your apartment. But it was much more. It was your kindness, warm hospitality and incredible knowledge of Paris, that made our trip so great. You told us about nice places that could not be found in any travel book, you helped us with maps, directions, books and bookings. In short, you helped us better appreciate this great city and we thank you for that . We certainly hope that in our next visit to Paris we'll be back to you and strongly encourage anybody to do the same.
Thank you again Virginia for the lovely memories we brought back from Paris.
Daniel Grey ( Michigan)

America is my country, Paris is my hometown (from G. Stein)
I'll always feel that way about Paris. Today is a quiet Sunday and I'm taking some extra time
to enjoy the salon, my coffee and mostly the view of Paris. No matter how many times I visit Paris, it always feels like the first. Here, I experience the excitement and anticipation that a child might feel at Christmas time. This visit to Paris , however had me feel like a Parisian and not like a tourist. Was it just luck that I came to Virgini's flat and not a hotel ? I'm not sure, but having spent time in this flat and speaking with Virginia, I'm grateful to whatever brought me here. People come in and out of our lives every day…I like to believe kindred spirits come together for a reason and we are better, more thoughtful people because of it.
The flat has been exceptional and looking back on my week here at Virginia's I can say once again that I have truly lived.
John and Hilary (San Francisco, CA)

When we first spotted the apartment's location on the map we were concerned it may be too removed. Once we arrived and setted in, we relised this was not at all the case. Many attractions within walking distance and also with the merto and bus downstairs everything became incredibly accessible in a few minutes. Unlike hotels in the busy tourist areas of Paris, this " home away from home " provided a glimpse into the real Parisian life not visible otherwise. We also want to thank you for your inside tips about Paris. Overall , we had a fabulous time here and would recommend your apartment and tours highly !
Jennifer and John (Sydney, Australia)

Two weeks in Paris, an opportunity to explore new areas, such luxury….but we still were out of time. The Bastille market is a wonderful experience for all the senses. The roast chickens, the wonderful aromatic oils, directly from the producers, strawberries, the choice of apples….
MAGNIFICENT ! All of this as well as our view of the Eiffel Tower especially spectacular at night. Thank you for the cosy apartment and your kind hospitality.
Ena and Ian (North of England)

Thank you for your hospitability, it was second to non. Your personal touch to the apartment and your knowledge of Paris was much appreciated and will never be forgotten. My trip to Paris was a surprise birthday and mother's day present from my husband Ian and our two doughters. I am not easily surprised, but this time the wow factor certainly kicked in and that doesn't happen very often in one's lifetime. We saw much more than anticipated thanks also to your good piece of advice. Thank you again and we wish you health, wealth and happiness.
Jack (Minneapolis, MN)

Today we say aurevoir to Paris after a glorious week. The apartment was so much better than a hotel. The smell of the boulangeries in the morning sold us on the benefits ! We've found great, kind people here and our trip has given us much to think about.
We recommend Café des Anges, Les Galopins and Bouchon Roquette on the Rue de la Roquette.
Must-see-sights ? Pere Lachaise cemetery, the Catacombs and the WW II museum at Hotel des Invalides. At 9 :00 am today we look to the Tour Eiffel and see rainy clouds. It's time to go…It was the best of times !
Jeanette and Alfredo (Canada)

We can't find the words to tank you for the kindness and hospitality you showed us during our visit in Paris. It was a very momentous visit ; my 53rd birthday, our second anniversary and my second visit to Paris. However it felt like my first ! You helped us to appreciate the history and culture in Paris but most importantly we connected on a human level and have developed a friendship that we know will last a lifetime. Very rare but it does happen. Your home felt like our home and you awakened a desire to learn more of Paris so we know we will be back many many times in this lifetime ! You are a very special, loving and unique person whom we feel priviliged to know and we feel that you have given us a lot.
So until we meet again God Bless you and keep you well.
Filippo and Ferdinando (Roma, Italy)

Dearest Virgo -Virginie - after four days in your place we got to the final concept that we hate hotels ! We'll try to be here as soon as possible because now we're addicted to Place Voltaire Thank you for your availability and sorry if we didn't go together to Lille where I found that incredible 70s disk player -orange - just like the one I used to have when I was a child. We also left a little butterfly on the plant just to remind you that we'll be back soon. Lots of love to you
Paul and Karin Burn (Anchorage, Alaska)

We loved the time we spent here, we loved the view, the elevator, the nearby shops, markets, restaurants + the metro. But most of all we loved the time spent with you exploring Montmartre. We know now that there is another Paris behind the main gates….thank you for having revealed it to us. We hope to return soon and hopefully we'll stay once again at this lovely Paris apartment.
Michelle and Josh Mandel ( Amsterdam)

You made our Christmas day one that we will remember, re- tell and remind for the many years to come. Over champagne tonight Josh and I spoke about what a special, thoughful, welcoming, knowleadgeable, insightful and perfect host and person you are.
The Christmas tree, the decorations, the music (we took full advantage of all the wonderful CDs), the Opera and Godspell concert tickets waiting for us and the countless juicy bits of
insider knowledge. We really cannot wait to come back soon to take one of the beautiful and rich Paris walks with you.
Brenda and Mark (Florida)

Here we are one year later. Last year you intrigued us with your sights and sounds of Paris so we knew we must return to continue discovering. Once again you did not disappoint. Your walking tours are wonderful and you take us off the beaten path to discover the unusual. Our six nights have gone by too quickly but we leave " wanting more " which will guarantee our return. Again your apartment feels like home. You go out of your way to ensure of our comfort, which we appreciate. Your hospitality and beautiful city will certainly keep us coming back.
Sarah and Bernard ( Ann Arbor, Michigan)

An experience that had been so much more than we expected - a new friend, a new Paris.
Thank you so much for opening up the city, allowing us to see beyond all the glorious, big monuments and experience a more intimate Paris, one we may feel part of, not just observe from the distance. Somehow it has made the larger city more inspiring too. We loved our day in Fontainebleau with you and our dinner that was so interesting and enjoyable ; we didn't even notice we've gone into the next day and closed down the restaurant. You are invited and welcomed to our home anytime you like. It is rare to meet people you instantly feel at home with, that can talk for hours and find so much to share and debate. We look forward to seeing you and Paris very soon.