The following are a few excerpts from my visitors book. I hope that I can make your vacation in Paris as memorable.
Yan and Heather Gossip (Australia)

We feel priviledged to have been the first Australians to stay in your apartment. We will do our upmost to ensure that we are not the last. Memorable Moments : Seeing the Eiffel Tower from the apartment, seeing the Eiffel Tower shimmering, French fread, especially from the shop in the market and finding there was none left by the time we reached home, strolling by the Seine, Sephora (the perfume shop)we have never seen anything like that before, we could go on and on but... the highlights would have to be firstly, the hospitability and wormth of you Virginia -you are Paris- and ...secondly, our magnificent dinner at Bofingers to celebrate Heidi's night. We will return
Kahryn Whiting (Canada)

All I can say is thank you sooo much for being here when we arrived. All four of us were so exhausted...When I came into the apartment I thought it's so cosy ! A lot different from Canada. If I ever came back to Paris with some friends it would definetly be here. The view is owesome ! and your walking tour helped so much in finding out our way around. Thanks for recomending that hair shop. I hope to see you in the years to come.
Noelle (California)

An American in Paris -Thank God for Virginia. I've been here before, but never to the Bastille. These great restaurants and Pubs within walking distance along rue de Charonne and de Lappe. Coffee in the morning and a view of the Eiffel Tower from my window. Strolling along these historical streets - OH, What a life! Thanks for everything Virginia.
Paul and Mary Lou Kostecky (Minnesota)

Dear Virginia, you are an absolute magnificent hostess ! We enjoyed your walking tour. We know we saw more, and learned more, than any book could teach us.With your walking tour, you made PARIS come alive ! Because of your gracious, warm, and sensitive ways, all of our needs were taken care of.This apartment made us feel like a native. Thank you for your time and attention to us during our stay. We will come back. We will tell all of our family and friends of your tours and this apartment. We will never forget you.
Robin and Yaron (San Francisco)

Thank you for helping to make our stay in Paris such a nice experience. Your restaurant recommandations were superb and your tourists hints very helpful. We were so happy to have taken your advice and enjoy a leisurely morning on a cruise on the canal Saint Martin.
We ended up making an overnight trip to the Champagne region and grately appreciated using the France map supplied. All in all we enjoyed being " at home " and the small details you so thoughtfully have taken care of. Though we didn't get much of a chance to talk about " les passages " I enjoyed the book you shared with me and would highly recommend Walter Benjamin's book on the Passages. I hope to see you some time soon and speak with you more.
All my best to you and the cats Mr Tomy and Mrs Zara.
Mary and Orlando Rivera (Florida)

Dearest Virginia, this vacation has been the dream of a lifetime. The ten days that we have lived in Paris, we have truly lived. The apartment has been absolutely wonderful.

It has been a home away from home. The view of the city from all three windows has allowed us to view different aspects of Paris life. Your walking tour and absolute attention to detail have been an unforgettable experience. We would recommend your services to anyone and we will spread the word. We hope to see you again in Paris or Orlando, in fact anywhere would be a wonderful treat. Thank you again for making this the best trip we have ever taken.
Gilbert (Suisse)

Virginia, merci infiniment pour m'avoir fait découvrir ce sympathique quartier et aussi pour m'avoir permis de m'é- chapper de mon appart-hôtel des Halles. La vie dans ce bel appartement bien agencé m'a donné envie de prolonger mon sejour. J'ai apprecié la luminosité et la vue sur les toits de Paris et la Tour Eiffel. Merci aussi pour toute ton aide et tes conseils qui m'ont été précieux. Bon courage, amitiés et bisous.
Tanya & Glenn Fuller (Michigan)

From the moment we stepped into your apartment we knew this was going to be a wonderful trip. We were looking for accomodations that felt like home but within Paris and we certainly found it in your apartment. The view frim your kitchen window was the perfect atmosphere for our romantic dinners by candelight. With each passing night the Eiffel Tower seemed to creep closer and closer to our window. We had so much fun exploring the city via the metro that we almost forgot walking was an option. This will definetly not be our last visit to Paris or your apartment. We've been many places around the world and thanks to you and your apartment, this ranks as one of the best.
Pat Murphy & Keith Koenning (Ohio)

Merci mille fois, Virginia ! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, Paris and your wonderful apartment which was perfect for us and our 2 children. Despise rainy weather, walking all over the city was lots of fun and we very much enjoyed your tour of "Le Marais". We enjoyed taking the train & bus to Vernon then Giverny to see Monet's house and garden & the Musée d'Art Américain (nice restaurant). We appreciated all your guide books too !
Patty Hagar (Texas)

Virginia, not only did I get to know Paris, I got to know you... which made the whole experience more important than I possibly imagined. It isn't often that you go on a vacation and feel like you are finally at home. With such limited time and space in this world, it is necessary to keep the souvenirs which are truly meaningful : this weekend, the long walk, the conversations and the "PARIS behind the scenes" which you know so well. For future guests, especially those who want a realistic and comfortable view of the Parisian life, take a walk with Virginia, have some real interaction in the beauty and culture which you won't find on a post card, or for sale at the feet of the Eiffel Tower.
John and Pat (Florida)

Virginia, John and I have been to Paris many times but your walking tour of Saint-Germain made Paris come alive for the very first time. We will always have fond memories of drinking coffee at Hemingway's cafe while reading excerpts from the Moveable Feast. You made us feel at home in Paris from the very moment we met you. We are already planning our return to Paris and are looking forward to staying in the apartment and going on all of your walking tours. We now feel like we have a dear friend in Paris.
Adrienne & K.C. Fisher (Florida)

The Fishers return in less than four months - this is a testament to Paris and Virginia ! Thanks again for a wonderful 2nd visit. We actually visited a musee (just one) We love your flowers in spring. I missed driving this trip and will rent a car next visit. So, now we have seen Paris in the winter and spring, Just 2 seasons to go. We will see you soon. Love.
Joe and Yvonne Thomson (London, UK)

Thank you so much for all your help during our short 5 days stay here in Paris.The apartment is so charming and with your attention to detail all our needs were met. Only wish we'd had time to experience Paris via your walking time for sure. You are truly the gracious hostess of the gratest city ! We look forward to our next stay with you.