This page is where I will share with you my discoveries impressions and feelings about Paris. Monthly articles will answer some of the questions you will also come up with.



My name is STAR !

France is my country and Normandy my home.

I am only 4, born  December 24, 2004 under a lucky star at the farm d'Autés.

"Prim'holstein" is my breed, the black and white of my coat my good fortune.
"Nikkon" made me THE icon of the most visited spring show in Paris - Le Salon International de l'Agriculture - Porte de Versailles.
You could see my photos inside all the metros. During the last 10 days my life has been intense as I shared the space with 4500 other pure breed mates: 600 cattle, 650 sheep and goats, 610 rabbits, 100 horses, ponies, donkeys and mules, 60 pigs, 2000 pedigree dogs, cats, birds and fish. Last but not least, 1000 exhibitors, 700 producers from 22 French regions and 17 countries.

It is as hard to narrate "The Salon" as it is to narrate the heart beats or the flow of life.

But just open your senses and follow me inside the four huge pavilions which shelter the biggest "ephemeral" farm in France.
Pavilion 1, where I have my head quarters, welcomes you with a cocktail smell of cows, sheep, goats, pigs and… freshly made “crêpes”.

The Mardi Gras celebration and La Fête des Grands-mères were not to be missed.

Old and young together brooded over the question  – who came first, the chicken or the egg? - Nobody found the answer, just the satisfaction of breaking hundreds of eggs in order to prepare these delicious crêpes.
The hullabaloo of mooo, baaaa, and oink, added to the comments of the speakers, impressed the “country girl” I am. I had also hoped to meet JOKO the bull (Prim'Holstein breed), the best of the pedigree sirs, the world wide star of “insemination”, father of more than 100,000 cows and heifers all over the world, the ambassador of the French genetics,  the one who brought his owners more than 15 million euros. He had other commitments. What a disapointment for the pretty Prim'Holstein I am!
Pavilion 4, my favourite, where the cacophony of the passionate cock-crows, join the chorus of the ducks, pigeons, geese, mules and donkeys, interrupted by impressive solos of a horse's neigh… You are spoiled with the beauty of  the most  rare representatives of the nine French horse breeds and  touched by the feeling of power, strength, agility, pride  and intelligence of my  distant “cousins” with beautiful names (Romance, Sweet Praline, Ivréa …)

Pack dogs, sledge dogs as well as “sofa” dogs struck their poses and allow  themselves to be caressed by thousands of  timid, little , eager hands.

Pavilion 7.1 and 7.2:  In praise of gourmandise
Here is the window into the panoply of taste of the best French products. This is where you discover or rediscover the true flavours of authentic foods chosen for their quality.
We all know that through good food, life also starts to take on a new taste and the spirit rediscovers serenity and wisdom.
50 restaurants, dozens of stands  with meats, sweets, fruits, honey, wines, breads, pastries, chocolates. Enjoy!
Pavilion 2.3 & 3: “Demain je serai paysan!” Tomorrow I shall move to the country!
Here is where you meet the specialists for whom the services and the jobs in the agricultural domain have no secrets. Conferences and shows on farm equipment, new energy sources, water conservation, soil pollution, treatment of waste and the thousand other facets of agriculture in the world.
Now, my dear friends, I must leave. In a couple of hours starts the final event “Le Carnaval des Animaux”. Samba, masks and confetti, events and degustation.
Next year I hope you'll be here to touch, feel and share this fantastic dazzling event.
Virginia Dae