About Virgina Dae

With parents teaching history and literature it seemed “natural” to me to study both subjects. A degree from Sorbonne University was a kind of must to “validate” my attachment to their values. Speaking three languages, I worked as an interpreter, as well as in the airline business, in travel assistance, and in journalism on occasions.

A broken leg took me back “home”, back to the magical worlds of history and literature. The wall full of books in my apartment turned into a source of nourishment. My favorite “activity” became reading and imagining myself walking the streets of Paris and passing from one epoch to another.

From the windows of my apartment (a kind of bird’s nest looking over the rooftops of Paris to the Eiffel Tower) I could almost see myself in the narrow streets and hear the sound of my steps on the old Parisian pavements. Members of French royalty seemed to join me by whispering the stories of their lives. Accounts of France’s Revolutions (1789,1830,1848,1870) prevented me from sleeping. Writers, musicians, painters - they guided me to the places which inspired them. Their Parisian heritage is also mine.

What is now dear to my heart is sharing all this with you - visitors, dreamers, lovers of Paris.

When you look up the word “INSIGHT” in the dictionary, you’ll see it defined as: “the capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something”. Synonyms include: perception, discernment and REVELATION.

This is precisely what the PARIS INSIGHT WALKS offer you when you choose Virginia Dae as your guide for Paris.

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