I like to take a half-day walking tour when I get to a new city and the one that stands out is the Paris walks with Virginia Dae, who runs Paris Insight. She is a wonderful guide and her theme walks give you a great feel for life in the city and its illustrious past, as well as present-day realities.

Michael Gebicki, travel writer and photographer for “The Sydney Morning Herald”

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Paul Montague from Sydney

Had I not taken Virginia’s “A Moveable Feast” walking tour on my first visit to Paris, 10 years ago, I doubt whether I would have ever returned. I had enjoyed my stay, but at the same time I felt something was lacking. I felt I was enjoying only postcard views of the city, I wanted something deeper! I found that “something deeper” on my second last day during Virginia’s walk. There were four of us. Starting at Les Deux Magots, we walked and talked our way through the Left Bank, Virginia bringing the Hemingway period and characters to life with her stories. Her ability to access private courtyards and gardens, showing us hidden history and beauty was fascinating. It was an emboldening and life changing experience for me. Since then, I have returned to Paris each year, I just love walking the city, for me, it is not the icons that make Paris, it is the small things, off the tourist path, and Virginia’s knowledge of these is endless. In my 10 years of visits, I have enjoyed and learnt so much from her walking tours, such as, the Marais, Montmartre and the unforgettable Pere Lachaise.

Patty Hagar from Texas

Not only did I get to know Paris, I got to know you...which made the whole experience more important than I possibly imagined. It isn't often that you go on a vacation and feel like you are finally at home. With such limited time and space in ones' life it is necessary to keep the souvenirs which are truly meaningful. For me this weekend, the long walk, the conversations I had with Virginia and the Paris behind the scenes she knows so well are a lifetime memory.

Joyce Baker from Detroit

I have been to Paris several times but always felt a stranger to the city. So imagine my delight to discover Paris Insight. Virginia helped me understand the city and its inhabitants. Her love for and knowledge of Paris are contagious and make you want to return over and over again. No tour book or travel agency tours can give you what she does. Thank you for encouraging me to get to know Paris better. I will be back.

Anne & Peter Whaite from Norfolk

On 6th October you took my husband, Peter and me on a wonderful tour of Le Marais. You opened our eyes to the Paris we knew was there but which is rarely discovered by the casual tourist. I can't tell you how much we enjoyed every moment with you. You will be delighted to know that we are both now reading “Les Miserables”. I think it will probably take us some time !

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