Latin Quarter

From the Ile de la Cité to the Panthéon

When, where and how was Paris born? Who were Heloïse and Abelard? Why is the Latin Quarter so called? Where is the oldest tree in Paris? What connects the Notre Dame Cathedral and the University of Paris? Is the venerable Sorbonne the oldest university in Paris? What was student life during the Middle Ages? Have you heard of the legend of Saint Julien le Pauvre? Where did the composer Saint-Saens play the organ? Why is the body of Saint Geneviève (the patron saint of Paris) not in its grave?

The answers are to be found during this walk. It starts near Notre Dame Cathedral, crosses the Latin Quarter, passes by the old churches of Saint Julien le Pauvre, Saint Séverin, the Sorbonne University and the prestigious Collège de France and ends on the top of the Montagne Saint Geneviève near the Pantheon. The little narrow medieval streets, the silent shadowy courtyards with their ancient pavements and buildings draped with cascades of ivy make this walk unforgettable.

Classic Tour (3 hours)

1 adult150€
2/3 adults250€
4/5 adults350€
For each additional hour60€
For each additional person75€

Full Day Tour (7 hours)

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For a combination of 2 or more tours.

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