Midnight in Paris

Night tour

We all have memories which stay with us for the rest of our lives. One of mine is of a night when, walking back home on the Rue des Francs Bourgeois, I was attracted and bewitched by an incredible, unreal goldish light falling like a shining veil over the Place des Vosges, in the Marais. I thought that they were making a film. Coming into the square I found myself alone, surrounded by the century old private mansions illuminated by a huge gold full moon leaning against the rooftop of one of the mansions. What a surprise, what a show, what a gift!

I love walking in Paris during the night, noticing the sudden sounds breaking through, admiring the interiors of the old apartments: the ceilings decorated with wooden beams, the beautiful chandeliers, the paintings on the walls. I often imagine that I am changing epochs exactly like Gil Pender, the main character, played by Owen Wilson in Woody Allen’s movie Midnight In Paris. Around midnight, under the cover of the night, magic happens…

Classic Tour (3 hours)

1 adult150€
2/3 adults250€
4/5 adults350€
For each additional hour60€
For each additional person75€

Full Day Tour (7 hours)

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For a combination of 2 or more tours.

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